What is “Conscience”?

What is Conscience ?

Conscience is Plato’s Immortal soul, Newton’s, Einstein’s and Lorentz’ Ether. Max Planck called it Sensible and aware spirit, or Edgar Mitchell’s Spirit of Nature. Others would call it Divine matrix, like Gregg Braden, or Quantic hologramm like Michio Kaku, co-author of the Superstrings theory.

Way before Plato, presocratic philosophers (about 2700 years ago) described this world of ideas as the source of all things, material and living. Plato talked about Immortal soul or Conscience.

Simply, Conscience is « You »: what’s always conscious even when you are dreaming (otherwise you would not know what dreams are) or in trance…

Humanist Hypnosis says that this conscience is the information field upon which relies everything, as described by physicists since the early 20th century.
Neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet says: “Conscience is an Information field that does not correspond to any known physical field, such as electromagnetism, gravity etc. It cannot be described like observable events. Conscience is said to be « non-local », meaning disconnected from space and time, and interpenetrating everything non-stop.

Physicist Henry Stapp summarizes it as following: “All we know about nature shows that its fundamental process is located out of space and time, but generates events that take place in space and time”.

Neurobiology teacher Dominique Laplane explains: “There is a universal conscience upon which the brain builds up an individual conscience”.

According to Sir John Eccles, one of the famest 20th century neurologists (Nobel Prize Laureat for his discoveries on the brain functioning) Conscience is a quantic probability field, with no energy or mass, attracting causal influence over material – and by then, the brain (the whole body):
“It has been widely scientifically demonstrated that conscience does activate brain cortex. Control over brain activity is so wide that conscience could presumably dominate the brain (…) Materialist critics loses it scientific pedestal (…) Soul or conscience’s unicity lies upon an entity located in another level of reality (…) I state that no other position is sustainable ».

Pluridisciplinary researcher Jean Staune concludes by saying that “all current knowledge in physics, neurology, show that conscience and material come from a unique « substance » « arisen before the split between subjet and object” (individuation, as called by Bernard d’Espagnat), and located out of space, time and energy”.

We will not go any further in complicated details, the simple basis being enough. Since a wide Information field « does » all things:
1. We are wider than we think…
2. We are all interconnected (Quantum entanglement principe Quantique).

«We are all part of a gigantic hologram called Creation, that is everybody’s Self… a cosmic game where nothing exists apart from you!” says physicist Itzhak Bentov. “There is no outside universe disconnected from what you carry” insists the well-known physicist Fred Alan Wolf.

As for the link between leading edge physicists (and quite often philosophers) with therapy – they scientifically confirm spirit therapists’ millenary intuitions. Both worlds have been close for a long time. Jung himself started working in 1932 with early age quantum physicist and physics Nobelist Wolgang Pauli (whom he even wrote a book with)…

Humanist Hypnosis might be the only psychotherapy whose basis can be scientifically assessed. Physics and neurophysiology are more enclined to help on this matter than psychology – even (if inspired by Jung) if it is dominant in Humanist Hypnosis.

To summarize, Conscience is not a belief nor a pure theory: it is a fact. Humanist Hypnosis cosmogony caries crucial physics, engineering and computer science academic learning.

Let’s allow quantum physics father Max Planck conclude:
“Ayant consacré toute ma vie à la science la plus rationnelle qui soit, l’étude de la matière, je peux vous dire au moins ceci à la suite de mes recherches sur l’atome : la matière comme telle n’existe pas ! Toute matière n’existe qu’en vertu d’une force qui fait vibrer les particules et maintient ce minuscule système solaire de l’atome. Nous pouvons supposer sous cette force l’existence d’un Esprit intelligent et conscient. Cet Esprit est la matrice de toute matière.”

“Having dedicated all my life to the most rational science which is, the study of the material, I can tell you at least one thing about my researches on the atom: material as such does not exist! Any material exists only by virtue of a strength pushing particles to vibrate and maintains the atom’s tiny solar system. We can suppose, under this strength, the existence of an intelligent and aware Spirit. This Spirit is the matrix to any material.

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