Being Humanist…

10 characteristics of Humanist people…

How to recognize humanist people? There are numerous criteria, but let’s stick to the Renaissance definition. You are humanist when:

  1. You often refer to Greek philosophers (Pythagore, Aristote, Platon etc.) and your ideas are built upon deduction and logic, concrete facts.
  2. You are knowledge-thirsty (sociology, biology, astrophysics etc.) and hold many kinds of backgrounds…
  3. You are fond of philology (history of words and language etc.) including as “a study of all appearances of the human mind in space and time”, without false interpretations.
  4. You are interested in all the human creative capacities and respect their value as variable expressions of the reality.
  5. You consider that it is not possible to have an opinion on something unless you cross it with other ideas, connected or not to the first.
  6. You know human value is not linked to social class or academic distinctions: everyone can teach you something.
  7. You valorize popularization of every knowledge, even the most technical or esoteric (philosophy, religion, symbolism, meaning of life etc.).
  8. You think that instruction opens the door to real freedom, that fear and aggressiveness are due to ignorance and that peace is based on knowledge.
  9. You fight for dignity, respect and rights for everyone, even if to leads you to confront a system opposed to your ethics.
  10. Your whole life is dedicated to finding the truth, sharing wisdom and improving yourself as a human being.