What is “hypnosis” ?

And what can be done?

The word “hypnosis” refers to a specific state of consciousness, distinct from the ordinary, as well as the set of tools used to reach that state. Several definitions are available on the IFHE website.

For us, hypnosis is a Modified State of Consciousness (MSC). Simply. In Humanist Hypnosis, it refers to a Higher State of Consciousness (HSC). 

Talking about conciousness, the appropriate term should be “awareness”: because Conscience itself, with caps, is not modified or increased! Conscience with caps is an infinite information field, as far as we know.
Far from the “small aware mind” we are talking about, meaning the daily, ordinary state of sensitive feelings of our 5 senses. The one that experiments other states of perception during hypnosis sessions, either by restricting them (towards unconsciousness) or by increasing them during Humanist sessions (tending towards more consciousness).

Humain brains contain a specific area dedicated to hypnosis phenomena, like animals do too. To enter in a “state of hypnosis” is thus perfectly natural, because of our biological potential to do so. But why are human beings endowed with such a possibility? In fact, the most relevant question would be: what is the use of the hypnotic trance?

There is no official answer to this question, but the philosophy of Humanist Hypnosis can guide on us the way. For a long time, hypnosis has allowed us to reach our Unconscious, by proxy, by giving the power to the hypnotist to dive us into unconsciousness…
In Humanist Hypnosis, we bet on the existence of a superior psychological shape in each of us: Consciousness (with caps). An immense field of Information, individual and collective, described by state-of-the-art physicists, biologists, neurologists etc. (cf. “Humanist Hypnosis For Dummies“). It allows us to explain number of psychological phenomena, too long to be described here, that would make no sense otherwise.

By taking into account such a Consciousness, a inverted-type of hypnosis would allow to reach not a “modified state of consciousness”, but a “reunited state of Consciousness “. The hypnotic process had only been used backwards since its discovery!… We used it onwards and restored the person’s forgotten inner power.

Humanist Hypnosis considers that the daily state of perception is actually narrow, incomplete. We could say that our daily life is based upon a « modified state of Consciousness” (with caps), meaning that we do not reach our optimal state of Full Conscience. Which can aloso be proved biologically. Thanks to Humanist Hypnosis opening inductions, we are able to reconnect to our true and full Consciousness… Actually, your true self ! That explains the absence of “trance-exit gap” in Humanist Hypnosis: once in Higher Consciousness, one feels very good, perfectly deals with his daily duties and wishes to remain so well!

The feeling of « modified state of mind » comes from the historical forms of hypnosis, that held upon the wall between Consciousness and Unconsciousness. If felt like awakening from an evening nap: a bit numb, heavy and moist…
Problem solved by inverting the techniques in Human Hypnosis: trance only feels “extra-ordinary” until you get used to it, to feeling better, lighter and awake, at your best.

Humanist Hypnosis is harmless. A psychologically fragile profile, a borderline or almost psychotic person would feel comfortable during a Humanist training session… whereas she would probably decompensate in less than two days during an Ericksonian training session!! Why is that? Because ancient forms of hypnosis held upon the gap between consciousness and unconsciousness, at the very heart of pre-psychotic disease: one would lose track of reality at the beginning of preliminary exercises, and not be able to go any further. Historical inductions lead to decompensate (break the fragile link between consciousness and unconsciousness). In Humanist training sessions, the same person would have felt better each day of the week.

Conclusion: what is the use of hypnosis? To reach unconsciousness, cure and change; no need to dive with a therapist, even the most competent, who does not know yourself as well as you do!

Using Humanist Hypnosis «in opening» helps you heel the gap between consciousness, unconsciousness and Conscience, reconnect to yourself, heel deeply and become the One you ever felt. That is awakening. The basis to happiness.